Leak Detection

Finding a leak in a pool, can either be a simple process or an endless battle.

Leak detection services include:

• Pressure Testing Lines
• Dye Testing Faceplactes
• Vinyl Sonar Leak Detection
• Scube Diver Service
• Skimmer Replacements

Leaks In The Pool

We use an electronic device called a Leaktrac to pinpoint leaks in the vinyl liner. Most problems when found underwater are repairable on site. In the event this is not possible, a second visit will be required with our diver to patch.

Leaks in the Plumbing

We pressure test the lines with water and air, wherever the leak is, it makes a noise and we can hear this noise with our instrument. This has allowed us to limit the amount of damage done during the repair. Usually we only have to cut one small hole through the deck to gain access.  We also do all patching of holes, relay interlocking stone and repair sod so that the customer does not have to.

Concrete pools have unique plumbing and may cost extra for repairs.

By pressure testing, both water and air, I can determine, usually within a foot, as to the location of most plumbing leaks. While we cannot determine the price of all situations, the most common charges are as follows:

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