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Island Wave Pools offers exceptional services with skilled technicians to setup your pool for the season.


Open/ Close Pool Services

When is comes to opening and closing your pool, it’s the small attention to detail procedures that makes the difference. Our technicians take the time to ensure safety and longevity of your plumbing and equipment through the winter season.

At opening, we start up and assess your equipment to make sure things are running smooth, and if not, we can address right away. See our packages below

Pool Closing/Opening Packages

We Provide Complete Pool Openings and Closings


Complete 2 Day Open Works Package

$450 + hst

Cover Removal
Start Up
Brush and Vacuum
Water Test and Balance Water
Pool Visual Inspection & Analysis

Basic Pool Open Package

The Cover Removal takes place on Day 1 of the opening and includes the following: 

  • Drain, wash & fold your cover and put your water bags in a clear plastic bag.

  • Place all debris from cover in paper yard waste bags and remove to the street for pick-up.

  • Re-install deck equipment.

  • Scrub water line, pool deck, and clean general pool area.

  • Check pool clarity, super chlorinate 

  • Repair minor problems created by winter or advise as to repairs.

  • Startup filtration system & check for plumbing leaks at filter equipment.

  • Standard Pool Open Package $350 + HST

  • ADD $50 for spill over spa

Open Works Package

The Vacuum, water balance and visual inspection take place on Day 2, 1-3 days after pool is opened:

  • Includes Basic Pool Package

  • Vacuum pool with our pump system to waste

  • Thoroughly brush pool bottom & skim pool surface.

  • Super chlorinate pool.

  • Provide a written water chemistry and pool analysis.

  • Chemically Balance water

  • The Works Package $450+ HST

Pool Heater Service & Clean

  • Clean, light, and check safety and efficiency of your pool heater - Performed by an in-house licensed gas technician. This Service happens 2-4 days after pool is opened.

  • Pool Heater Service and Clean $150 + hst

POOL Closing

Complete Pool
Closing Package

$350 + hst

Lower Pool Water Level
Remove Deck Equipment
Brush and Vacuum
Winterize Equipment and all lines
Super Chlorinate
Install Winter Cover
ADD Vacuum for $50

Pool Closing Package

Our Professional In-Ground Closing Service Includes

  • Lower the water level to an inch below the returns 

  • Remove deck equipment

  • Super chlorinate pool

  • Blow water from all lines to ensure no freezing of the lines occur over the winter

  • Drain water  from pump, filter and heater, removing all necessary plugs and the pressure switch.

  • Install the winter cover

  • Standard Pool Closing Package $350 + hst

  • ADD Closing Vacuum for $50 + hst

  • ADD $50 for spill over spa

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Possible Extras

Please note that these are possible extras that may arise during your pool service and are billed separately:
  • Water Bags - $20 each
  • Gizzmo - $15 each
  • Additional Shock - $7/kg
  • Pressure Gauge - $10
  • Other small parts required will be delivered
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