Policies and Procedures

Pool Closing

  • Crews must have access to pool, equipment and water supply. If access is restricted and the service cannot be performed, they will be rescheduled at our convenience

  • The pool should be cleaned before close to prevent staining. Winter cover and accessories must be accessible to the crew. Missing or unsuitable parts, will be replaced.

  • Timers for pump and switches for lights MUST be turned off, otherwise damage will occur.

  • Pool lights will be sunk underwater (where applicable).

  • Customers have 48 hours to report broken water bags or winter cover adjustments. Prompt notification is necessary otherwise regular service rates will apply.

  • Chlorinators/Brominators that have been disconnected MUST be stored where they will not freeze.

  • TORONTO SALT WATER POOLS – It is the customer’s responsibility to lower the water level to the appropriate winterizing level(2-3” below return/jet faceplates) prior to the crew’s arrival. For more information, visit www.toronto.ca/water/swimmingpools

  • TORONTO CHLORINE/BROMINE POOLS – It is Island Wave Pool’s responsibility to comply with current by-laws and regulations, including neutralizing the sanitizer content in your pool water when discharged.

  • It is recommended that the power breakers pertaining to any pool equipment be turned off after closing.


Pool Opening

  • Crews must have access to pool, equipment and water supply (garden hose). If access is restricted and the service cannot be performed, they will be rescheduled at our convenience.

  • Power breakers inside the house must be turned on and ALL pool equipment must be left out to assist in leaving the circulation system running. Equipment includes baskets, return/jet fittings, chlorinators/brominators, salt cell, vacuum supplies, diving boards, ladders, etc. and anything stored inside for the winter. ALL return visits may be subject to additional charges.

  • The garden hose may be left running to fill the pool if customer is present. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor and turn off when the water level reaches the appropriate operating level.

  • The vacuum hose may be left in the skimmer and cannot be removed until the water level reached the appropriate operating level or the equipment is turn off.

  • If an Opening Vacuum has been requested, it will take place several days after the pool has been running to allow debris to settle and opening products to take effect. If your pool was not started at time of opening, but an Opening Vacuum was requested, you will need to notify the office when the system has been started. At this time, we will also do a complimentary Water Analysis of the pool water to help start the season! Products will not be provided, or applied. Contact the office for product orders.

  • If we are unable to start the pool equipment, reason or advice for next steps will be left on the provided door hanger or the office will contact you. ALL return visits may be subject to additional charges.

  • Service Calls and/or repairs are not completed at time of opening services.

  • Leaves and debris from the top of the winter cover will be placed in paper lawn water bags and left either at the curb or the side of the house for disposal by the customer.

  • SALT WATER POOL – the salt cell/chlorine generator will not be turned on/plugged in. Do not turn on until the manufacturer’s recommended salt level and temperature have been reached. The proper levels for your system can be found in the owner’s manual or confirmed with our office staff.

  • In some cases, we cannot install lights at time of opening. Contact the us for further details.

  • Island Wave Pools does not turn on or start heaters. Due to regulations by the Technical Safety & Standards Authority, only a homeowner or licensed gas technician can do so. If a Spring Heater Service has been requested, the gas will be turned on at that time.

  • Opening and vacuuming crews do not turn on or test lights or automation systems. If this is required, a System Set-Up may be requested. Additional service rates may apply.