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2020 POOL


Lower water to winterizing level. Remove circulating fittings and deck equipment. Drain pool Equipment and plumbing. Add closing chemicals. Install winter cover.





  • Pump water & debris off winter cover

  • Brush, wash winter cover & surrounding pool deck

  • Fold cover & water bags
    Cover will be left outside to drain - unless advised otherwise

  • Remove plugs & winterizing accessories

  • Re-install circulation fittings & baskets

  • Start all pool equipment

  • Initial trash vacuum - Safety cover Only

  • Pools are started immediately (if possible).

  • Pool cleaning to take place a few days past opening, as debris needs to settle at the bottom of your pool.
    Customer is responsible for filling pool to the top of skimmer

  • FREE Professional water analysis & balance    (Between $50 - $70 value!)

  • Salt Extra



2021 POOL


Drain water and debris off cover. Brush, wash and rinse cover while on pool. Fold cover and water bags. (or safety cover and anchors). Re-install circulating fittings and deck equipment. Start pump, add opening chemicals. Safety covers will be given and initial vac up to 30 min. 

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Possible Extras

Please note that these are possible extras that may arise during your pool service and are billed separately:

  • Water Bags - $15 each

  • Gizzmo - $10 each

  • Additional Shock - $7/kg

  • Closing Vacuum - $50

  • Pressure Gauge - $10

  • Other small parts required will be delivered

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Our office will contact you for credit card payment information to complete booking. Credit card payments are processed after closing or opening is complete. 

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